Women’s Radio


Taking the floor,
being heard by several thousands.
Fearlessly drawing attention to grievances.
Carrying knowledge, experiences,
courage and solidarity
into every household
and across borders.


Consolidating and sharing knowledge

In the spring of 2019, our women's radio started in the two local FM stations. Since then, up to 70 women and girls have been creating their own programmes under professional guidance there.

Knowledge from the women's groups is deepened and disseminated, self-confidence is gained in front of the running microphone, encouragement is given to each other, the excitement before live performances and the joy afterwards is shared, problems and solutions are debated. Field reports are filmed, protest songs are sung, critical questions are asked, and answers are given. Here, cohesion is lived, and the women surpass themselves daily.

Loud voices and attentive ears against violence


More than 3,000 households already receive our radio programme and are reminded to see women and girls for what they are: a self-confident, strong and informed group of people who know fully well that they already have the most important tool for asserting their rights: their own voice.

Women and girls who have learned to make the best use of this valuable tool, who dare to speak out and encourage their fellow campaigners to do the same. Peaceful fighters who don’t lose sight of their goal of an equal society and make sure that they are heard, the voices of women - Mahila Avaz.