Women’s and Girls’ Groups


Only those who have the courage to,
can speak up.
Only those who are independent,
can overcome dependence.
There is no sexual self-determination,
if you don’t know that it exists.
Because claiming rights
can only be demanded,
by those who know them.


Knowledge is power

Our women's and girls' groups are spaces of encouragement and focus on individual and collective empowerment as well as on imparting practical social, legal, health and economic knowledge.
Women and girls gain real-life knowledge, experience solidarity and mutual support, ask questions, give answers, develop concepts and work on solutions together.
Knowledge about one's own body, one's own limits and rights, shedding light on violations in this regard, basic economic and health education, security and trust in the female community, working out peaceful activism, overcoming financial dependencies and heteronomy, all this is part of the foundation needed in the fight against violence and discrimination.
Each year, this way up to 400 women and girls become guardians of their own rights, experts on their own bodies, managers of their own finances, pioneers in self-determination, determined no-sayers, encouragers, peaceful activists and role models.


Social Rights Groups

In our social rights groups, we educate about gender-based violence and harmful traditions, provide knowledge on women's and children's rights, work together on concepts against forced and child marriage, and discuss misogynous norms and traditions. We also train women to be speakers and make the concerns of the female community heard in the society of Simikot.


Health Groups

In our health groups we work on topics such as menstruation, hygiene, sexual self-determination, reproductive health, safe motherhood, children's health and health prevention. We also sew sanitary pads from old fabrics: Menstrual Hygiene as a first step towards being able to stay at home during menstruation.

Business Groups

All women who are part of our agricultural groups and are thus generating a continuous income through beekeeping, chicken farming, mushroom cultivation or vegetable growing have also joined together within the scope of our business groups.
Here they learn the basics of accounting and business start-up and management, save small amounts of money, put them into a specifically set-up bank accounts and work towards group or individual investments under professional guidance. By doing so, some business groups or even individual women have already built additional greenhouses, purchased agricultural equipment, opened a vegetable store, established a goat farm and mushroom farms.
Saved amounts are always doubled by Mahila Avaz - Women's Voice to provide a motivating start-up aid. Business start-ups or agricultural investments are continuously supervised by our social worker and farmer to ensure the best possible assistance.
These women, many of whom have never attended school, are conscientiously doing bookkeeping, preparing cost plans, and enthusiastically tinkering with business plans that are finally starting to take shape. With combined strengths and professional support, they are turning their ideas into reality step by step, and we are able to see how women and girls are becoming entrepreneurs who turn small amounts into great things.