Mother Child House


Catching your breath.
A warm meal, an open ear.
Being held and supported.


Refuge from Violence & Banishment

Our Mother Child House is a refuge for women, girls and their children affected by violence and during the monthly banishment in the course of Chhaupadi. (Link) It’s a temporary home and a safe space for holistic empowerment, sharing and cohesion.

By staying in our shelter, the residents are protected from the violence of male family members as well as from the dangers of Chhaupadi and experience solidarity and support through a familiar and loving atmosphere.


Protected and Accompanied

Our Mother Child House is the first and currently the only safe place for women affected by violence in all of Humla (50,000 inhabitants).

Up to 25 women and children can stay with us at any time of day, cook together and participate in all of the groups and courses that are held at the house. Furthermore, we offer individual assistance in cases of physical and sexual violence and cooperate with the local police station, lawyer, court and hospital.

Protection and refuge, an open ear, assistance and professional support in times of need, warm meals, a place to sleep and a place in our community - this is our acute assistance for women, girls and their children who are affected by violence.