Men’s and Boy’s Groups


Let us participate.
This way we’ll be on your side
and realize,
that your side
is our side.


Strong men don’t need violence!


In the course of our men’s and boy’s groups, which count around 200 participants at the moment, we are collectively working on the construction of an equal society that benefits everyone.
Knowledge is transported, opinions are formed, fears are overcome together, mutual understanding and intimate exchange is created.
Topics such as gender specific violence, women’s and children’s rights, peaceful conflict resolution and violence as well as its prevention and addiction are developed.
Not only misogynous norms and traditions but also toxic views are identified, the patriarchal structure of society is gradually questioned and one’s own contribution to the equality of men and women is elucidated.


Getting opinion leaders and the young on board!


The inclusion of opinion leaders, officials and Shamans plays an especially important role in our work, as they often act as informal dispute mediators and creators of general opinions. Our aim is that these groups of people are sensitized to and educated about female-specific topics.

Since 2021 we have also been putting a focus on working closer with male adolescents in order to get them excited about a just society and empower them to carry the fight against violence and discrimination into their generation and pursue it with full conviction.

It’s astounding just how much enthusiasm and openness even those who were skeptical about our project at first can contribute towards an equal society if they are merely taken on board, offered space for their fears and their overcoming and shown that there is mutual understanding.