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Nepal Trust Austria – Mahila Avaz
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If you include your place of residence and your date of birth in the reference field, we will automatically report your donation to the BMF.




Why donate to Nepal Trust Austria and its Project Mahila Avaz – Women’s Voice?


We assist where help is most needed.


Each donation facilitates quick, sustainable medical support to one of the most impoverished population in Northwestern Nepal. With your help, widespread gender-based violence against women and girls is addressed and brought to an end.
Instead of creating victims, we motivate survivors of cultural oppression and violence to become active advocates. Hence, overall empowerment of women and girls rises in the society.
With one-time or even regular donations from your side, it is possible to enhance the living standards of families significantly and on a long-term basis. Furthermore, the conditions for women, girls and their children in particular will be improved.
De facto no donations are used for administrative or marketing purposes but exclusively for the projects on site.

Donate as a corporation and become a Nepal Trust Austria partner


In the last 18 years several corporations have contributed to the successful deployment of our programs by supporting Nepal Trust Austria.
With your donation, you take a stand for positive cross-border, societal, and social initiatives. We support you in your communication and marketing activities and make your commitment visible to the outside world.


Your donation is tax-deductible!


How does the automatic tax deduction for your donation work from the 1st of January 2017 onwards?


Since January 1st 2017, an automatic data exchange process between the receiving organization and the tax administration was established. This eases tax assessments for the taxpayer and the tax administration office, meaning that the taxpayer is not obliged to mention the donation in her/his tax return anymore and the tax administration is able to automatically include donations in the tax return sheet. From now on, your donations are reported directly to your tax office by the receiving organization.
In conclusion, sponsored funds are tax deductible if you pass on your first- and last name, your address, as well as your date of birth to the receiving organization.
In case a donor wants to receive tax deduction for a donation, it is not necessary to keep the donation receipt anymore, nor is it required to write down a donation in a tax return report..