Chicken Farming


Thank you,
you feathered friends.
Day by day each of you lays an egg.
And because you lay your eggs,
we are able to put savings
into our accounts
each month.


Chickens as companions to an independent life

Our two chicken farms are being operated by five particularly low-income families. In the course of two years, the participants were continuously educated by our farmer in matters of keeping, caring for, feeding and breeding the chickens and are now ready to take the helm in its entirety.

Independently and in a self-organized manner, they are now in charge of supervising the stalls, raising the chickens and of selling the eggs and young animals. Moreover, they are currently working on the construction of two more coops.

People grow with their tasks – and should these ever start growing quicker than our chicken farmers themselves, then there will always be our team - ready to be consulted anytime.
We are so proud of our participants and that within such a short period of time they were able to take over the operation of the chicken farms so professionally, fully engaged and with the necessary expertise. They are now looking confidently to a future filled with eggs and chicks!