Fly, dear bee, fly
over hill and dale
To the flowers and sway
in the gentle rays of the sun.
Return again,
when the chalices close
Lay down the sweet burden
And let our wages flow.


Achieving economic independence thanks to liquid gold

Our apiary, which was opened in the spring of 2019, has further created a source of income for 40 women at the moment.

The participants received a beehive each, as well as necessary tools, by means of which they practiced keeping and handling honey bees and were finally trained to become certified beekeepers by our beekeeper.

They are continuously learning how to use the provided equipment, how to log in the swarms, to care for and feed the beehives, to de-milk the bees and how to harvest and process the honey.
After some initial difficulties – beehives had to be rebuilt, queen bees were eaten and escaped swarms were never ever found again – we now have got the hand of it! More and more participants can convince their bees to stay and are already harvesting their first honey. In Simikot this honey is considered an extremely valuable commodity and can be sold at a high prices to restaurants and tea rooms.