Awareness Campaigns


We want you
that you understand
that we are not unclean
when we bleed.
That we are not to blame
when your fields wither.
That we have a right
to a life without violence.
That our daughters
should go to school.
We want you to understand
that we can be a strong community
if we just want to.


Together for an aware society

Under the guidance of our social workers and counselors, our women’s groups create event-based campaigns to raise awareness about gender discrimination and violence.

Each group weighs in with what it can do best: protest songs are sung, stories are told, theatre is played, dance choreographies are performed and banners, that are taken to the streets, are crafted.

This low-threshold, easy-to-understand, entertaining form of presentation makes it possible to reach many of Simikot's residents, to get in touch with them and to distribute information material. Furthermore, the women and girls involved are perceived as a courageous, informed and interconnected group of people who know their rights and are not afraid to demand them.

Protesting together, and thus making grievances visible, strengthens the cohesion of the female community and their position, sharpens understanding, sensitizes society and is hence an essential factor in the fight against violence and discrimination.

Only when communities recognize and understand the need for change and are actively brought on board, a sustainable improvement in the lives of women and girls can be achieved.