Agricultural Trainings & Greenhouses


A colorful palette
of fruits and vegetables
trade and exchange,
livelihood and income,
earthy hands and full bellies,
autonomy and self-sufficiency.


We reap what we sow

In the course of our agricultural groups, up to 300 women acquire basic efficient ecological knowledge in order to be able to farm even on barren terrain and in winter.

During their training already, the participants build their own green houses on pieces of land provided by Mahila Avaz, which are cultivated collectively and in a self-organized manner in the course of our women’s groups. This collective use not only leads to efficient work distribution but also to a continuous exchange, mutual support and the strengthening of the female community.



Achieving economic independence with community-managed greenhouses

Thanks to co-operations with hotels and tea rooms, our participants can sell their harvests at fair prices. The procured profits are distributed evenly amongst the women or put into a dedicated joint account in order to make collective or individual investments in the course of our business groups.

Each group independently decides, which trainings they wish to participate in and what the focus of their greenhouses should be. The cultivation and sale of spices, vegetable rarities, conventional varieties, cultivated mushrooms, herbs or young plants – all of the decisions are left to the groups’ own devices.

As a result of the number of focal points and the emergence of a colorful palette of different vegetable varieties, diversity is promoted, mutual exchange is initiated, a balanced diet is achieved, and additional income is generated. Through the linkage with our savings and business groups, new doors regarding self-sufficiency and earning potential are opened.

With every completed training, each newly developed cultivation area and business idea, each harvested potato, sold tomato plant and saved Rupee, motivation, confidence, financial independence and social approval as well as tailwind grow.
Our flourishing greenhouses are the best proof that people in the global south are best helped when they are empowered to make their own decisions, trusted to act independently and given the right tools to take responsibility of their own lives.