Helena Hinterecker

Project management

Project management
Helena conducted participatory social research in Simikot over the course of three months in 2015, and subsequently founded the project Mahila Avaz - Women's Voice.
In addition to managing the project, she leads its fundraising efforts and organizes awareness-raising events. Through her methodical and systematic work, she creates the necessary structures and is appreciated by the team for her solution-oriented approach, enthusiasm and creative motivation.

Tsepal Lama

Project Managment Officer

Tsepal supports the operational project management and is responsible for the smooth communication with local stakeholders and coordination with the local community.
Tsepal always keeps a cool head, works in a structured way and ensures rapid implementation through his insider knowledge and solid local network. His constructive humour lightens up even the driest team meeting.

Dichen Lama

Social worker

As the main person responsible for our economic women’s groups, Dichen provides innovative and imaginative inputs to the development of all social work concepts. Her cheerful and confident manner makes her the sunshine in our team supporting the women and girls at the shelter.

Daphu Sunar


Daphu has participated in our project development process and is a member of the lowest caste of Dalit. She acts as a bridge between the project team and other women and girls of her caste.

Pema Lama

Social worker

She is responsible for the participatory design and implementation of our women's radio. Having been involved in the initial social research, Pema supported affected women, with dedication and empathy, in developing ideas for solutions. With her calm and considerate manner, she brings the necessary peace and stability in tense and strained situations.

Kalpana Budha

Social Worker

Kalpana is our new social worker. She is responsible for our regular women groups regarding social- and legal issues. Through her caring and gentle personality, even recerved women quickly gain confidence.

Karmu Lama

Health consultant & midwife

Karmu is a trained midwife and nurse and is responsible for the care of women, including in medical terms, at our women's shelter. She is also in charge of planning and implementing our women's health groups.

Sarah Bauernhofer

Social Media

Sarah is our expert in social media. She impresses us with her lovingly facebook - postings, with which she grants authentic insight into our everyday project life. She surprises with unique charity actions and has the great gift of networking with more and more people and organizations who want to support us.

Urgen Lama

Security guard & support worker

Urgen guards the women's shelter at night and takes care of all cleaning work. He is always ready to lend a hand or a sympathetic ear when help is needed. His warm-hearted and good-natured manner makes him the good soul of our women's shelter.

Sarah Oberländer

Environmental Project Assistant

Sarah is responsible for developing agricultural concepts and training local farmers. She enriches our team with her extensive knowledge in the field of agricultural sciences and her unconventional and synergy-rich ideas for solutions.

Natalie Gruber


Brigitta Hinterecker-Bogdanowicz

Consulting & Relations